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The Guidebook for Great Communities (“Guidebook”) is a vague set of policies designed to add 50% more population to developed Calgary.  You can read the Guidebook here. The Guidebook was originally scheduled to go to Council in April 2020, but due to COVID it has been delayed. It could go to Council to be made statutory as early as Fall 2020.  

Calgarian homeowners are alarmingly unaware of the significant proposed changes that will impact their communities. Why? Civic engagement has been limited and failed to properly inform the public of what was at stake for affected communities.

The new bylaw for low-density residential could blend R-C1, R-C2, R-CG and M-CG zoning into ONE district, increasing density and height restrictions in ALL communities throughout Calgary.

Multi-dwelling buildings could be built next to single detached homes and approved without the need for land use re-designation. The risk is that developers could choose lower priced residential lands instead of putting density around transportation and commercial centres. This would erode the stability of residential areas and leave residents with a sense of uncertainty.  

  • Read the background details for main concerns raised by community assocations by clicking on links below.  

  • Request access to a discussion  You will be asked to state the Community Association you represent.

  • A welcome email will be sent to you, with details on how to find more information and you can to be partnered with a mentor who will help answer questions.

OUR MISSION is to raise awareness, facilitate engagement and advocate for changes that will make the new planning tools for adding population to Calgary better. We support the growth of Calgary into a more ‘compact’ city with an efficient use of transit and infrastructure. We believe that strong, resilient communities are key to a great city.  

We are a group of about 50 Community Associations with an interest in Planning. We watch our communities grow and develop. We have a vested interest in seeing that new development is sensitive to our community’s character and what residents value.   


  1. Use the resources provided to get informed and get engaged.
  2. Inform residents of the Guidebook for Great Communities so they understand how these policies impact them directly.  
  3. REACH OUT TO YOUR COUNCILLOR. Request more extensive and inclusive engagement for all Calgary communities. Voice your concerns. 

Send questions and comments to:    

We’ve set up communication materials and platforms to support a coordinated response to the Guidebook for Great Communities amongst Community Associations:  

  • Email forum:  to receive and send information to all Community Associations subscribed to the forum (currently 70+ members)

  • Information toolkits:  a collection of presentations given by urban planners; planning inserts for Community Association newsletters; position papers sent to Councillors; suggestions for having conversations with Councillors.

  • Mentoring by/with other CAs: Chairs of Planning Committees who have been engaged with the proposed changes to Calgary’s planning system over the past year or more share their knowledge and experience with CAs that are new to the topic.

A coalition of CAs has formed around the concerns that we share in common. We tend to agree that we’d like the uniqueness of each community to inform planning and redevelopment.